Tornado March 1st 2007

Mixed photos from several areas

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The High School and Dixie Dr area had the worst damage.

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The science building where the kids were KIA Science Wing2.jpg (31801 bytes)My Nieces car at the school Car2.JPG (57657 bytes)

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Some aerials=  over 8 miles were affected 

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latest additions - My brother submitted these- 

he volunteered to help at the high school picking up debris

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These photos added March 10

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Added from the 12th of March

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VVA National Grant issued to Alabama State Council for Victims 

who are connected to the military, active Duty, Veterans, National Guard, Reserve 

Funds distributed by Wayne Reynolds State President, Michael Davis Vice President, Max Roberts Chapter 373

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President Bush visit and Governor Bob Riley at the High School in Enterprise

After the Storm

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A separate page= group of aerials of the area affected.


The Southeast Sun has additional photos at

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Map of AREA hardest hit in loop I drew (not Exact).. you can also see the high school at the other end of the loop. 

The death toll from March 1st Thursday's tornado in Enterprise now stands a nine; eight Enterprise High School students and one senior citizen.

Another 121 people received injuries which required hospitalization.

More than 100 people were treated at local hospitals following the deadly tornados that hit the Wiregrass area. At least 20 are still hospitalized from storm-related injuries.

About 65 residents were treated at Medical Center Enterprise and 10 remain hospitalized. Flowers Hospital in Dothan treated about 30 people with eight still hospitalized. Dale Medical Center in Ozark treated eight people with one still hospitalized, and Southeast Alabama Medical Center treated seven with one remaining in the hospital.

The names of eight victims, including seven students, were released by the Coffee County Coroner's Office. They were:

A.J. Jackson, 16
Michael Tompkins, 
Ryan Mohler, 17
Michael Bowen, 16
Katie Strunk, 16
Michelle Wilson, 16
Jamie Ann Vidensek, 17
Peter Dunn, a teenager whose age was not available
Edna Hayes Strickland, 83

The students who were killed died when the tornado struck Enterprise High School. The decision had been made more than two hours earlier to release students from school early due to the threat of severe weather, but they were held at the school as the severe weather approached.  

President Bush got a birds-eye view Saturday of Alabama's tornado damage as his Marine One helicopter followed the deadly storm's path and flew over the battered high school where eight students died.

From the air, Bush got a panoramic look at the devastation across this town in Alabama's southeast corner. More than 30 tornadoes killed at least 20 people across the Midwest and Southeast on Thursday.

The helicopter tracked the Enterprise storm's estimated eight-mile path. Bush saw trees without tops, roofs pockmarked by holes and debris strewn everywhere. Next to some wrecked homes were others untouched by the tornado.

The town's white water tower - with the words "Enterprise, City of Progress" - stood tall. But nearby, Enterprise High School looked like a wrecking ball had struck it.

1500 families affected by this storm the number of homes destroyed still growing - The engineers are still condemning additional homes as they inspect more== estimates -so far 350 million in damages- The school system is shutting down all the schools for at least a week

Thanks Paul 

        The Coffee County Emergency Management Agency is informing residents that they may be eligible for federal assistance. Affected residents must contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency at 1-800-621-3362 or on the Internet at Contacting FEMA does not automatically qualify a citizen for assistance, but callers will be issued a case number that they need to keep on file. Potential help may include: repairs of personal property for individuals and households, and low interest loans to homeowners, renters, and business owners.

The storm covered Dixie drive northwest to the high school area near (weeks drive on the map)

 (note) One set of parents had just bought a new car for their child- and parked it in the school lot as a surprise!

Surprise! I wonder if the 30 day return policy works for this....