New VA National Officers or as follows.

VVA National Election Results

National Officers

President   John Rowan
Vice President   Jack Devine
Secretary   Barry Hagge
Treasurer   Alan cook

National Board of Directors, At-Large

Marsha Four
Jerry Yamamoto
John Margowski
Billee Culin
Sandi Wilson
Randy Barnes
Alan Gibson
Jerry Klein
Francisco Ivarra
Bob Johnston

National Board of Directors, Regional

Region 1   Al Cummings
Region 2   Fred Elliot
Region 3   Bruce Whitaker
Region 4   James Gilmer
Region 5   Leverett Hobbs
Region 6   Steve House
Region 7   Alan Manuel
Region 8   Mike Hampson
Region 9   Darrol Brown

See Raquel Welch.....See ASC Vice President Michael Davis  with his hand .......behind her back...............

raquel.jpg (63222 bytes)

Movie actress Raquel Welch received the President’s Award for Excellence in the Arts at Vietnam Veterans of America’s 12th biennial National Convention at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno, Nevada, on Saturday, August 13.  Welch made a trip to Vietnam to entertain the troops with the Bob Hope USO show during the 1967-68 Christmas holidays. She will be honored for that selfless act as well as for her long, accomplished career.  

“We are proud to honor the work of Raquel Welch,” said VVA national President Thomas H. Corey. “She put aside her personal safety and came to Vietnam during the height of the war to lift the morale of the troops. And since then, she has been a star of the screen and the Broadway stage and on television, and has spoken out on issues ranging from women’s rights, the fight against cancer, and veterans’ issues.”

Welch landed her first acting roles in television and movies in 1964. She has appeared in dozens of films and television shows, including Fantastic Voyage, One Million Years B.C., Bedazzled, Kansas City Bomber, 100 Rifles, The Three Musketeers, and Legally Blonde. In 1999, Playboy named her No. 3 on the list of the 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century. In 1974, she was honored with a Golden Globe Award as Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for The Three Musketeers.

Ken Rollin's granddaughter ( Nikita Richardson ) won the Region 4 Mike Nash Scholarship Award