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Cherie Reid, Director

Dear Veterans,  

        My name is Cherie Reid and I am a teacher in Howell , New Jersey .  I have created a website called "Kids Thank A Veteran" at   I hope that this website will eventually spread across the United States to children of all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and economic levels.  It has one primary purpose - to have children thank a Veteran for serving.  Every child that thanks a Veteran will be able to go to the site, and register their first name and state so that I can keep a National tally. I truly feel that many of our children do not appreciate our American Veterans and the important part they have played in securing our American Freedoms. This simple gesture of saying "Thank you for serving" will cause them to become aware of our Veterans, and hopefully, these students will continue this practice throughout their lives. The secondary purpose is education.  I have researched information on a variety of topics which include:

         What is a Veteran?

         Information on Veteran holidays and military awards

         Our American flag (also POW/MIA flag)

         Military services and academies

         Groups that help Veterans

         Women in the military

         Those who have sacrificed


         Teacher activities (including songs, puzzles, etc.)

         Patriotic crafts

         Children's book suggestions

         Veteran photo page

       This site is strictly for educational purposes and will be closely monitored so that it will be a safe site for children to visit.  Veteran's pictures that are submitted for the photo page, will come to me first so that inappropriate pictures will not be posted.  All comments that are submitted will also be monitored.

                   The next step I will be taking is to let people know that this tribute website exists.  This will be a massive undertaking which will include publicity, handouts, letters to every state educational system, etc.  I am determined to continue this project and to make it a success, and would appreciate any help you could give me.  Any donations to "Kids Thank A Veteran" would go directly to website expenses.  I also hope to eventually add another navigation button to give recognition to any groups that have helped with this p roject.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 732-349-6394 and please visit  "Kids Thank A Veteran" at      Thank you for serving            Cherie Reid, Director


Public Outreach Department for the Mesothelioma Prognosis Network. We've created the most extensive prognosis support and information source online. While I was browsing through a number of Veterans sites I came across your website.

Countless veterans are currently suffering from life-threatening illnesses that are a result of exposure to asbestos, a material that was commonly used in hundreds of military applications, products, and ships because of its resistance to fire.

I thought that you may be interested in posting our link to help educate veterans on the dangers of asbestos exposure by linking to our website from your page .

Feel free to take a look at our website at your earliest convenience at If you are interested in including it as a resource or have any questions, please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Best regards,
Chad Maycumber
Public Outreach
Mesothelioma Prognosis Network


Good Morning, I wanted to thank you for your efforts in getting the word out about asbestos-related cancers. While you do have great resources, our site offers free services for patients dealing with the cost of treatment.

Veterans and Mesothelioma

Chelsea Montanaro


Mesothelioma Fund
p: 800.215.9896
w:  e: Chelsea Montanaro

My name is Heather and I work with the CBD Awareness Project, a newly launched organization dedicated to bringing accurate information about hemp-derived products to the general public. I noticed that you have some great information for veterans on your site for Alabama Vietnam Veterans of America, and I thought you might be interested in our guides for veterans.
Some studies have shown promising results for patients who want to use CBD to reduce symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain from injuries. However, since CBD cannot be prescribed by VA clinicians due to FDA regulations, many veterans arenít aware that assistance programs for CBD are out there. You can find our guide to veteransí discount programs, along with other guides about how to use CBD safely and effectively, here: