Alabama State Council-Vietnam Veterans of America

The Alabama State Council-Vietnam Veterans of America held its State Council Election and Awards Luncheon on June 19, 2010 at the Bonnie Crest Country Club in Montgomery, Alabama. Delegates from VVA chapters across the state of Alabama met with other Vietnam Veterans and guests in Montgomery. Several local citizens were honored at this big event.

 “We bring our members and leaders together every two years to elect our state leaders, decide on our priorities, and honor Vietnam Veterans, Associates of Vietnam Veterans, and Citizens who have made a significant impact in the state of Alabama” said Alabama State Council President Wayne Reynolds.

The following were elected and installed as Alabama State Council Officers and will serve as:

President Wayne Reynolds (of Athens, AL)    

 First Vice President Michael Davis (of Athens, AL  

Vice President Ken Rollins (of Oxford, AL)

 Treasurer James Sasnett (of Daleville, AL)

 Secretary Linda Blankenship (of Rogersville)

(Left to Right)  James Sasnett, Ken Rollins, Wayne Reynolds, Michael Davis, and Linda Blankenship. 

Bob Horton from the Department of Veterans Affairs assisted with the installation of the ASC Officers. 

 (Left to Right)  Bob Horton, James Sasnett, Ken Rollins, Wayne Reynolds, Mike Davis, and Linda Blankenship.



Veteran of the year for Chapter 511 - James Watson (of Athens)

“James Watson is a dedicated member of VVA Chapter 511 in Athens.  Jim works hard behind the scenes and doesn’t ask for recognition. If I need to get something done James is always willing to help,” said First Vice President Mike Davis.


(Left to Right)  Michael Davis and James Watson                         (Left to Right)  Michael Davis, Wayne Reynolds, James Watson and                                                                                                        Ken Rollins

Chapter 607’s Citizen of the Year; Bob Horton, serves as a Veteran’s Affairs Officer.  He was instrumental in the “Welcome Home” for the Vietnam Veterans ceremony held during October 2009 in Montgomery.  We appreciate Mr. Horton helping with the installation of ASC Officers today, and for all of the work he does for Alabama Veterans.  

            “I accept this award in behalf of all advocates of veterans in the state of Alabama.  The purpose of me being here today is to not be recognized as an individual, but to thank       you and your families for your service and dedication.  On October 8th 2010; at the            Montgomery Coliseum, we will honor Korean and Woman Veterans” said Bob Horton.


(Left to Right)  Wayne Reynolds and  Bob Horton                        (Left to Right) Wayne Reynolds, Bob Horton, and Ken Rollins

Chapter 373’s Citizen of the Year; Theron Covin, serves veterans and their families at the Center for Counseling & Human Development helping those who suffer with PTSD.  We appreciate all of his hard work! “I thank all of you guys and especially those from Chapter 373.  It is my honor and privilege to serve you.” said Theron Covin.

(Left to Right)  Johnny Smith, Theron Covin, and Ken Rollins.

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is the nation's only congressionally chartered veteran’s service organization dedicated to the needs of Vietnam-era veterans and their families.  VVA's founding principle is “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

(Left to Right) Wayne Reynolds and Bob Horton

To qualify for membership you must be a Vietnam or Vietnam Era Vetreran who served in the U.S. Military (for other than training purposes) between February 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975 (in-country Vietnam), or between August 5, 1964, and May 7, 1975, for Vietnam-era veterans.  We have Chapter located throughout the state of Alabama.  If you would like to learn more bout our organization log on to .  All Vietnam and Vietnam- Era Veterans are welcome to visit our chapters.



ASC President’s  Awards

Sharon Boyer Award was presented to Linda Blankenship  (of Rogersville)

“This award is named in honor of a combat nurse who served in Vietnam and continued to serve vetrans in her local community until God called her home.  Like Sharon, Linda  demonstrates loyalty and devotion to Vietnam Veterans as she quietly and kindly serves in her local community and throughout the state of Alabama” said President Wayne Reynolds.

(Left to Right)  Linda Blankenship & Wayne Reynold

Verbon Evans Award was presented to Tom Schwarz (Semmes, AL)

It is named in memory Verbon Evans was better known as  Teddy Bear.   Verbon was a big man with a kind heart.  He traveled all over the state of Alabama helping Veterans at the VA Hospital.  Verbon Evans went above and beyond the call of duty.  Tom has overcome hardships and handicaps. He continues to travel and  serve the Vietnam Veterans of Alabama as Verbon did. “Tom Soars like an Eagle!” said Wayne Reynolds.  The ASC thanks Mrs. Schwarz for her dedication and support of the Vietnam Veterans.                         


(Left to Right)  Wayne Reynolds and Tom Schwarz     Tom and Dale Schwarz

Hooper Award

The Hooper award is given in rememberance of Sgt. Joe Hooper.  Sgt. Hooper was the most decorated soldier during the Vietnam War -Medal of Honor winner.  Like Joe, James has demonstrated long term dedication to the Vietnam Veterans and their families.  “James goes above and beyond the call of duty.  He took over a big job on very short notice.  We appreciate all of his hard work and dedication to the ASC,” said Wayne Reynolds.

(Left to Right)  James Sasnett and Wayne Reynolds

Chapter 373’s Husband and Wife Team!  James Sasnett received Veteran of the Year and Betty Sasnett was honored as Associate of Vietnam Veterans of the Year.


There wasn’t a dry eye in the convention hall after Larry Ellard explained how much Ann Crane means to the Vietnam Veterans of America as he honored her with Associate of the Year for Chapter 416.  Ann is a Gold Star Wife.  Even though she lost her husband during the Vietnam War, she still continues to help and support Vietnam Veterans and their cause!  Ann is a diamond in the rough!

AVVA Member of the Year  Ann Crane (in the middle).


Larry Ellard of Chapter 416 was extremely surprised when Wayne Reynolds presented him with Veteran of the Year for Chapter 416.


Ronald Bates Chapter President of 637 presents Veteran of the Year to Bobby Kline!                                 

Chapter 607’s Veteran of the Year is presented to John Mc Dowell.

(Left to Right) David Payne President of Chapter 607 and John McDowell

We would like to take this opportunity to thank David Payne and the members of Chapter 607 for hosting this wonderful and memorable event.

What a Father’s Day!  Rev. Ray Yeatman and his son Gene Ray Yeatman take time to serve the Vietnam Veterans once again.  Both Rev. Yeatman and his son served during the Vietnam Era.


Alabama State Council Veteran of the Year is Richard McMillian .

Richard McMillian is receiving this award postumusly.  Richard served as the ASC Secretary/Treasurer for a number of years.  He passed away the morning of our October meeting.  Peggy his wife, called the ASC president an hour after Richard passed away.   She understood what her husband did was important to all the Vietnam Veterans in Alabama. Peggy wanted to get Richard’s minutes and  information to the meeting that was starting in less than two hours after her husband’s death.  Peggy  could not be with us for the convention, but will be recognized in  Birmingham.  Peggy is to receive a plaque from our Govenor.   Our hearts and thanks go out to Peggy McMillian and in loving memory of Richard.              (No picture available at this time)



Pictures from the convention