VA Information for Veterans

Where To Find More Information By Phone:

For information on:

VA Benefits*****************************************    1-800-827-1000
VA Health Benefits***********************************   1-877-222-8387
VA Education benefits*********************************  1-888-442-4551
VA Life Insurance************************************   1-800-669-8477
VA Debt Management********************************      1-800-827-0648
Mammography Hotline********************************     1-888-492-7844
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD)************ 1-800-829-4833
CHAMPVA*****************************************        1-800-733-8387
Headstones and Markers******************************    1-800-697-6947
Gulf War & Agent Orange Help line*********************  1-800-749-8387

Health Eligibility Center 1644 Tullie Circle, Atlanta, GA 30329-2303*
1-404-235-1257 or 1-800-929-8387

The VA Federal Benefits booklet and other VA information is available on
VA's World Wide Web Home Page at:

VA also has a toll-free bulletin board, called VA ON LINE, which can be
reached at 1-800-US1-VETS (8387).