Who is a Gold Star Mother or wife? 

A lady who has had a son, daughter or husband killed in the line of duty for this great nation. They were fighting for the freedom you and I enjoy each day. The freedom so many take for granted. No one wants to belong to this awful honor; I say honor because of the extreme ultimate supreme sacrifice paid.

The latest war did one thing for these mother's and wives. They remember the day their loved one said good-bye, praying they would return. They relived the day they got the terrible news their loved one was killed. The old feelings are there as you watch television and see the men and women from all the armed services deployed. It seems no time has passed for you. You remember your loved ones life, the things you did together, picnics ,shows, birthday parties, weddings, and graduation and family outings. Your heart hurts from being broken. As time passed you try to visualize the man or woman's life if they had lived. What kind of person, who would they have become. Yet the Photos keep their life frozen in time without aging.

A few weeks ago I sat in awe as I was viewing the Alabama Moving Wall Memorial, I thought about each name engraved on the Memorial, 1208 Gold Star Mothers or Wives. I wondered if they could belong to this organization, most don't want to belong, even if they are eligible. 


The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 416 will soon be moving to a new building. The current President, Bill Cox has given me a big job. There will be a Hall of Honor. I ask for the help of all Alabama Vietnam Veterans Chapters and any one else to help with this Honor. We ask for a 5 x 7 Photo of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so it can be placed in the hall.

 Clara Hill is a gold star mother from chapter 416, Anne Crane, Jackie Singleton are Gold Star Wive's.

If you can help or provide Photos please call or write

Ann P. Hooks     

105 16th Ave. N.W.    

Birmingham, Al 35215

Phone 1-205-853-8513


You may also email VVA Chapter 416  at Email 416


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