The Alabama Vietnam Veterans of America

State Council uses their funds to support veterans in need and several other programs that benefit the Veterans in Alabama. And its not just Vietnam veterans! We’re also assisting Gulf War, Afghan War, and Iraq War veterans with benefits counseling and other essential services to help them rebuild their lives after wartime service. 

     Some of the programs have been to assist disabled veterans in need of emergency funds, Scholarship grants, assistance with funerals, project grants. Education Programs, Disaster Relief and Family Assistance.

A few examples of your Alabama VVA in action are : The 2007 Tornado that took 9 lives and devastated Enterprise, Alabama and affected so many active duty and veterans-Your VVA was on the scene providing not only emergency supplies (water, food, tarps for repairs) but individual guidance and assistance including financial grants to help with rebuilding their lives. Many had no home left, no vehicle and not sure what to do or where to go next. The VVA members were driving them to safe areas to contact family members, contact insurance companies, obtain government assistance and other personal needs as required. 

Another example is when a veteran passed away and the widow did not have the funds for a funeral or burial. The VVA stepped in and worked with a local funeral director and a cemetery to provide a casket, military funeral and a plot in for him to be placed in. A veteran was provided all the honors he deserved for his military service, the family was presented with a flag and respect. All at no charge to the widow or her family.

Our Scholarship programs have benefited numerous students throughout the years allowing them to achieve higher education and use it to assist our veteran community. On the subject of education, the diligent work of our membership has put bills thru the Alabama legislation to provide more programs to benefit all veterans past, present and future. 

     And we’re making sure that VA healthcare and other benefits aren’t the victims of short-sighted budget cuts that forget the service of our new veterans, and neglect the sacrifices they continue to make even after they come home. Not just in Alabama, but nationwide for all veterans and their families concerned.

One last thing is that you need to be aware of, all our work is done by volunteers, not paid staff!

We ask that if you can assist with a monetary donation, it is tax deductible and goes to a very good cause. Your donation of $10.00 , $20.00 or more can make a difference in the needs of our programs in the veteran community. Your donation is to a IRS Non Profit organization, a 501(c)

Never again Will one generation of Veterans abandon another!