VVA chapter 301

P.O. Box 2492

Tuscaloosa, AL 35403



President---- Larry Snyder Larrysnyder350@gmail.com

Vice President-----Roy Giles

Secretary ------Ronald Haskins   ronhaskins1021@gmail.com

Treasurer------Tawanna Jones       boykintaw2000@gmail.com

Membership Chairman 



News in Review


Our endeavors in Chapter 301 has included sending personal care packages to the Tuscaloosa VAMC which included 10 items such as socks, toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, deodorant, soap, shampoo, lotion, shaving cream, and razor. These supplies cost our group about $10 per bag. We delivered 70 bags to Mr. Randy Lestourgeon, Coordinator of Volunteer Programs.


            Chapter 301 also sent three 70-lb mailings to our troops in Baghdad, which was received with much adieu. We have received three letters for our bundles of LOVE from those on that foreign land. Our chapter also received a certificate stating the first US flag flown over the Baghdad International Airport was flow in ‘honor of Vietnam Veterans of America – Chapter 301, Tuscaloosa, Alabama’ included is a copy of the certificate. WOW THINK OF THAT!!


            The chapter usually has a pot luck dinner every other month with the chapter providing the meat for the meals. The lovely ladies of the chapter are a great help in providing the dishes, which are most mouth watering. The chapter has had our spring cookout. Ribeye steaks were grilled to the special tastes of those in attendance. There was a large crowd of 85 adults & children. Fun and fellowship was had by all.


            Chapter 301 started years ago with an enrollment of 13 and as of now we are proud to announce to the State Council we now have so many more on our roll. NOW THERE!!

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 301 Tuscaloosa Alabama


In December 2003 our chapter took on the task of giving out 90 food baskets with the assistance of the Tuscaloosa Christian School. The children were very motivated to bring canned goods to augment the supplies provided by the Chapter funds. Mrs. Mary Hunter and Ms. McCullom of the Tuscaloosa VAMC helped to supply the names of the needy veterans and widows of veterans. The veteran home in Northport Alabama helped with the deliveries of the baskets. In addition to a ham or turkey, banana boxes were filled with canned goods, dried peas, macaroni & cheese, noodles and other such items. We also supplied flour, sugar, cornmeal, cake, rolls, and bread. Deliveries were made by our fine and dedicated 301 veterans to the area served by the Tuscaloosa HVAC area of coverage and responsibility. There was many a filled tummy that helped to make a Merry Christmas for a lot of good folks.

letter we received

From Arthur R. Lestourgeon, Coordinator of Volunteer Programs, Department of Veteran Affairs Medial Center in Tuscaloosa, AL:


Dear Mr. Yeatman:


We thank Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 301 for its generous donation to our Medical Center. The handmade blankets you provided for our Volunteer Recognition Ceremony were very well received and much appreciated by patients and staff. This most assuredly helped to lift spirits!

Your continued support of our veterans is both appreciated and desired.

Hoping this finds you all well and in good spirits!

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