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The Ceremonial Bugle ...

is a dignified method of playing Taps at a military funeral when a live bugler is not available for military funeral ceremonies. It was developed in order to provide a solemn visual image and as an alternative to the playing of a recorded version of Taps on a CD/cassette player.

The Ceremonial Bugle was introduced so that veterans' families have a choice on how Taps will be sounded when a live bugler is not available for a military funeral. The families may elect either a CD/cassette version or the Ceremonial Bugle. The Ceremonial Bugle has an electronic insert that enables an individual to "symbolically" play Taps, a more respectful means to honor those who served.


How it works....

Switch the unit on with the on/off switch. The red light will illuminate.

The volume control knob can be set from normal to extra loud. 

When you press the play button, the green LED will illuminate, this warns you that Taps will start in 5 seconds and the bugle should be placed to the mouth.

Once Taps has finished playing the green light will go out. The bugle should then be turned off by the on/off switch.

Battery Warning Light

If the red LED starts to flash the batteries must be replaced 


The device, shown above, slides snugly deep into the bugle's bell. The device plays a high-quality recorded version of “Taps,” taken from the 1999 Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery. The resonating tones inside the bugle create a realistic horn quality.

Order form...

Ceremonial Bugles are made to order and take 6 to 12 weeks
to produce. See order status for information on when your order will ship.

The Ceremonial Bugle comes complete with an authentic bugle, music insert and hard case for protection. The Bugle ships with a manual explaining how the Ceremonial Bugle Funeral Honors should be performed as well as operation and maintenance instructions. The bugle works on 2-9-volt batteries (not supplied). All orders are charged upon receipt. Once an order has been processed it can not be cancelled.

The Ceremonial Bugle carries a 1-year warranty.

Cost $525 including s/h (shipping and handling) 
48 contiguous states only.

To Alaska and Hawaii $545. To Puerto Rico $539.

If you are a Non for Profit organization or you are outside New York State, you do not pay Sales Tax: