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Past Presidents of the Alabama VVA


Hooper Award Recipients


Alabama Vietnam Veteran of the Year


Sharon Boyer Award


Verbon Evans Award

 see below for 2009 Chapter awards

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2009 Chapter awards

Chapter # 301  Veteran of the year : Kenneth Tidmore
                           Associate of year :   Charlotte Barton
                           Citizen of year   : Mary Hunter
               # 373   Veteran of year: Fred Griffith
                            Associate of year : Betty Sasnett 
                           Citizen of the year: Wes Etheridge
               # 416   Veteran of year ;  Scottie Blakie
                           Associate of year;  Ann Crane
                           Citizen of year    Deveir Bonds MD
                # 502    Veteran of year: David Pyles
                              Associate of year : Dian Pepe
                # 511   Veteran of Year : Linda Blankenship
                          Citizen of the year: Jerry Barksdale
                # 607   Veteran of the year  : David Payne
                            Citizen of the year: Super Buffet
                # 637   Veteran of the year : Larry Payne
                            Veteran of the year: Wayne Kelly
                # 945    Veteran of the year  : Clifford Herringdine
                             Citizen of year : Terry W. Lockley