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Welcome to the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Alabama web page . We are the newly formed adjunct organization affiliated with Vietnam Veterans of America. As we build these pages and input information we hope you send the web mistress your comments, including what you would hope to see us include on this web site. AVVA continues to grow in members, and our tax deductibility and tax exempt status was granted on November 22, 1999 from the IRS. We hope that you have patience with us while  we work through our growing process.

Mission Statement

The mission of AVVA is to advance the work of VVA, Inc. through cooperative projects and/or programs; to facilitate, enhance and improve communication with our members and to the general public; and to continue legislative efforts to ensure the rights of and benefits for all veterans and their families.

Vision Statement

AVVA is dedicated to the aggressive advancement of realistic goals, with integrity and in the spirit of unity, that reflect our commitment to Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. all veterans, their families, and communities.

Application for membership in printable format

       Membership Requirements

AVVA has two classes of membership: Regular members, are families, friends and other veterans not eligible for membership in VVA who wish to further the exempt purposes of both VVA and AVVA and Veterans who are eligible for membership in VVA. Regular members shall be entitled to vote or hold office and Veteran members are not eligible to vote or hold office. The legal name for the group is: " AVVA  Alabama State Association"

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America

 The AVVA elected State Officers


 Vice President 



Representative 1

 Representative 2

2008 = Mrs Betty Sasnett was named Alabama Associate of the Year!


Election Report

 Beginning on January 1, and running until June 30th is a busy time for AVVA State and local elections.

 In January State Representative or Presidents should be doing the following:

  1. Contacting all At-Large members in the State to find At-Large members interesting in being the At-Large Representative.
  2. A State Election Chairman and committee must be selected.
  3.  Election letters of intent must be sent sixty (60) days before the State Election to the Election committee.

 In the next few months, Chapter Representative and members who are affiliated with VVA Chapters should be preparing for local elections to elect AVVA Chapter Representatives.

Remember…Election reporting forms to report on who the new Chapter Representative are, must be sent to the State Representative/Presidents within thirty (30) of the April election.

Please refer to the AVVA Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 5-2 thru 5-8 for additional information on AVVA elections.  The Election Committee will be mailing out election packets to State Representative/ Presidents in January.  It is the responsibility of the State Representative/President to spread the word to members of AVVA about upcoming elections.  If ANYONE has any questions or needs any help, please contact the election committee.


Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is a national nonprofit membership and service organization.

Working through the 600 local chapters of Vietnam Veterans of America, and working independently, AVVA supports the needs of veterans, their families, and their communities.


AVVA National Election Information Packet
June 16, 2008 deadline for candidates

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